Hydraulic cylinders for construction

Motus has an unbeatable reputation for high-quality hydraulic cylinders for construction. We provide large equipment manufacturers with heavy-duty cylinders that deliver maximum muscle for the demands of the construction industry. Construction companies build their reputation by delivering projects on time and to budget. The power, performance and reliability of our cylinders helps them to achieve these goals.

The Motus quality difference

The demands of the construction industry are like no other, requiring robust construction equipment that can withstand extremely high temperatures, excessive shock and vibration. Motus cylinders handle these conditions with ease and keep performing to minimise delays and downtime.

Our hydraulic cylinder construction ensures our rams are durable, rust resistant and powerful. That’s why our rams come with a four-year full replacement guarantee.

Construction projects don’t need delays, so we guarantee despatch of all our cylinders from our Rambuilder range within 100 total hours or you get it for free.

Motus construction hydraulic cylinders


The WRC series is our proven performer in agriculture and industrial standard duty applications. The series features a unique wire clip head design for easy and quick servicing. The cylinders have extremely compact componentry allowing for optimal stroke, full thickness tube throughout for superior strength and premium quality seals.

The WRC Series encompasses 100% of our stock range and is fully customisable using our cutting edge online configurator.


The Ultra series features a robust external threaded cap design with heavy-duty grade seals. The high mechanical strength makes this series ideal for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications. The range is compatible with our stock mountings selection. Customisable cylinders and mounting options are also available.


The Elite Series features a super heavy-duty 4140 grade external threaded cap design. They’re the pinnacle of our range integrating the best materials available including super heavy-duty 10pc seal kits. We build them tough to deal with the hardest conditions in forestry, heavy industrial, mining and commercial applications. All Elite cylinders are fully customised to your requirements.

Why choose Motus?

We’ve built hydraulic cylinders for the construction industry since 1963. Large equipment manufacturers trust our cylinders for unmatched performance, quality and value. With stock and custom options available, we’ve got all your construction machinery covered. Contact us if you need new cylinders or ram parts for your machinery or equipment.